The Punsters Reunion Again

March 23, 2017

Another wonderful Punsters reunion with the amazing Jake, the delightful Britney and also Raul was there. We talk about standup, improv, movies and we tell some stories about Raul's dating life, Britney's gross back hole and so much more. 


The Punsters Reunion

January 8, 2017

The Punsters are back together! We meet at Jakes house with some champagne to talk about, psychics, improv, internet drama, and more. 


Unofficial Glassless Podcast ep.2

December 28, 2016

On this episode I talk to Jacob Jones about various topics including struggling to make connections with people, the difference between the single and married life, hosting shows and much more. You can check him out at glassless minds the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. 


The Daves Of Our Lives ep.1

December 23, 2016

David Zafra and David Hollingsworth get together to talk about society, cynicism, relationships, and miuch more. Enjoy! 


Bit Lyfe ep.1 w/ David Zafra

September 24, 2016

Hi I'm Emily Allyn and this is a podcast where I explore bit life. This episode we talk to David Zafra about his experience with bits, and take a closer look at todays LA, jacket life and more. 


Deep Pod Episode 1

September 18, 2016

SD comics Jaime Gamblin, David Zafra, Colin dodge and Mike Ula complain about comedy. 


Cast and Release ep.1

September 11, 2016

A podcast about break ups and how we deal with them. 


The Drunk Pod Ep.1

September 2, 2016

This is an episode with several San Diego Comedians, including Mike Ula, Colin Dodge, Jimmy Callaway, Jessy Pitcock, Jaime Gamblin, Carlos Mendez as they drink and talk after a show. 


The Unofficial Glassless Podcast ep.1

August 12, 2016

In this first episode of the Unofficial Glassless podcast we sit with David Zafra, Matt Maichen and Alfredo Aguilar to talk about what's going on in the Glassless scene, comedy, and poetry. 


Podcast Revival Ep.1 The Punsters

August 8, 2016

First episode of the podcast Podcast Revival. On todays episode we talk the the cast of the Punsters about drinking, high school and comedy.